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Overflowing with unique experiences and awe-inspiring landscapes

Travelling down under is likely a big part of your long-haul trip, and rightly so! The island of Australia has everything from iconic cities to world famous natural wonders and everything in-between. If an Aussie adventure is on the cards, then hiring your own wheels with accommodation onboard is about the best way to explore in our opinion. Whether your plan is to take the well trodden route up the East Coast or head into the outback or up the adventurous west coast, the possibilities are endless! If it’s something a little more subtle that you’re looking for then we have you covered too.

If you are looking at a multi destination trip, then we recommend combining Australia as part of an around the world trip, however Australia is easily combined with any of the continents of the world.

At Round The World Destinations we can tailor your trip based upon your interests and expectations by utilizing the knowledge that we have gained from our own personal travel experiences. Whether you would like to travel as part of a small guided group, take a custom-made self-drive trip or to capture the highlights over a shorter stay as part of a longer multi stop or round the world trip, we have a solution for everyone.

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