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A riveting mix of history, scenery, cuisine and diversity

China is steeped in history and culture and is a destination like no other. Taking time to see the new and old that China has to offer is highly recommended. Encountering the world-famous Great Wall and the Forbidden city in Beijing are high on most traveler’s bucket list. However, taking time to explore and you’ll witness the terracotta warriors in Xian, Panda’s in Cheng Du, ethereal landscape of Yangzhou county and the modern Chinese city that is Shanghai. Taking the opportunity to fly into one city and departing from another allows you to maximize your travel time and would be recommended.

If you are looking at a multi destination trip, then we recommend combining China with the rest of Asia and/or as part of an around the world trip.

At Round The World Destinations we can tailor your trip based upon your interests and expectations by utilizing the knowledge that we have gained from our own personal travel experiences. Whether you would like to travel as part of a small guided group, take a custom-made private guided trip or to capture the highlights over a shorter stay as part of a longer multi stop or round the world trip, we have a solution for everyone.

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