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Safaris – To The Best Safari Locations Around The World

Round The World Destinations Safaris are most peoples bucket list item in life. Our safari holidays in Africa can range from Safari on Horseback, Jeep Safari, on-foot and many other blended options that you would like us to consider.

The Big 5 in Africa; Lion, Leopard, African Bush Elephant, Rhinoceros and African Cape Buffalo are just a few of the game that you will see during your Holiday of a lifetime.

The Masai Mara, Acacia dotted plains and Tropical Savannah landscapes are some of the beautiful landscapes of Africa. Opportunities to develop your bespoke Safari includes trips to; Victoria Falls, The Namib Desert, Great Rift Valley, Congo River, The Sahara Sand Dunes, Lake Victoria, the Nile River and much, much more. Pick the right time of the year and you will see the migration wildebeest. We will arrange accommodation to your specific needs from the most luxurious hotels to the open air serenity of what is Africa.

Our significant range of Safari Holidays will provide you with fly drive or fly in safaris, private and group safaris and a myriad of exceptional hotels and beach resorts. Remember we will develop your Safari Travel solution bespoke to your needs.

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